Why Do You Need So Much Money?

There are so many complex zoning, planning, traffic, infrastructure, heritage and conservation issues with the Jaffari application that subject matter experts are required to effectively analyze and object to every aspect of the proposal.

The Preserve Thornhill Woods Association hired a top tier municipal lawyer who has worked with the City of Vaughan and who can advise us on the best legal strategy for objecting to the proposed application.  A Land Use Planner was hired to provide a professional opinion on reasonable uses for the Jaffari land and to counter any claims that are tabled by the applicant.  Independent traffic, parking, infrastructure and environmental impact studies will have to be funded to provide unbiased technical reports to support our objections.

As you can imagine, these experts cost money – but we are finding that they have been well worth the expense so far.  And you can be sure that we are watching every dollar that is being spent to ensure that the money is being spent effectively.

If this application ends up in the OMB, our costs to fight the development will increase exponentially. We will only have one chance at the OMB, so we must be prepared.

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