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The Preserve Thornhill Woods Association was formed to protect and enhance Thornhill Wood’s standing as one of Vaughan’s most prestigious neighbourhoods by protecting the environment, preserving open and wooded space landscape, natural habitats for wildlife and maintaining the low density character of our community.

Our mission is unite and represent the property owners of Thornhill Woods against changes to bylaws or zoning that negatively affect our community. Preserve the unique characteristics and attributes of our community, especially its uniformly low rise and low density construction.

We are currently fighting the proposed development of two high rises and 61 high density town homes in our neighbourhood.  For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Thornhill Woods is a neighbourhood in Thornhill, Ontario.

Total raised 2013-2017: $76,000, 2018: $15,780. See our post about how we use your donations for more information. Detailed financials will be presented at our upcoming event, March 22, 2018.


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