A Call for the City to Take a Stand

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Some of you might have noticed major construction projects around the Waldorf School including a new entrance into their property from the north end of Bathurst Glen and a temporary diversion of Bathurst Street just south of Rutherford.

There is insufficient storm water drainage capacity along Bathurst Street to support the 9130 Bathurst Street Townhouse Development and a massive water main is being installed under the Waldorf road to service this new development. This begs the question…what about the rest of Thornhill Woods? How much more building can our area sustain?

If you study the attached infographic you will note that there are FOUR NEW housing developments being proposed for Thornhill Woods including the revised Jaffari Community Centre master plan which includes a large number new townhouses, apartment units and a new private high school. We are very concerned that there is insufficient road, water, sewer and storm water capacity to support all of these projects and we can’t even begin to imagine the traffic chaos that is about to unfold around the north east corner of Thornhill Woods during major events at the Jaffari complex. We have all seen the parking and traffic chaos that has been steadily increasing in our area for years and many residents are extremely frustrated.

Clearly, our community cannot tolerate the strain from all of these projects and something needs to change. As a minimum, the Jaffari application needs to be dramatically reduced. Their high density buildings don’t meet the current zoning guidelines for this property, does not fit in with the low density character of our neighbourhood and there are not enough traffic relief roads in and out of the complex to support the anticipated flood of traffic from their high density development.

The city needs to put a stake in the ground on this issue, stand up for their VOP2010 master plan, enforce their September 2014 resolution for the Jaffari development, and finally put an end to high density development within Thornhill Woods. Small developments that meet the current zoning are ok. High density developments that are well outside of the city’s official plan are inappropriate for our community.

Have a look at the infographic and let us know what you think.

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