Why Was the Preserve Thornhill Woods Association Formed?

The Preserve Thornhill Woods Association was formed by several residents of Thornhill Woods that are concerned about the high rise development ‎being proposed by Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of Toronto, also known as the Jaffari Centre. There have been many concerns identified by area residents.

Our mission is to unite and represent the property owners of Thornhill Woods against changes to bylaws or zoning that negatively affect our community. We wish to preserve the unique characteristics and attributes of our community, especially its uniformly low rise and low density construction

We are in the process of registering with the City of Vaughan as a ratepayers association, allowing us to become the official voice of the residents in dealing with the city.


Can I Help?

Yes you can. While we do have an elected board, we are all volunteers and there is always work that needs to be done.‎We also have several committees that need volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please send us an email at info@preservethornhillwoods.com

If you don’t have time to volunteer, you can help by putting a lawn sign to show your support. And of course, the biggest way to help is with your financial support. If you are able to make a financial donation, you can visit our donation page. All donations are used 100% to fund the current campaign and any amount is appreciated.


What Are the Board Members Doing on a Weekly Basis?

There are many issues involved in this application and the board has been very busy dealing with them all. This has been a team effort which requires coordination of effort and regular updates. The board meets on a weekly basis to discuss our strategy, talk about what has been done in the past week and what needs to be done in the upcoming week.



When Will We Know if the High-Rises Will Be Built?

This is the beginning of a long process.  ‎The City has still not approved the application, and we are working hard to ensure that it does not get approved.  We don’t expect the City to make any decision before the municipal elections in the fall. If the City rejects the application, the developer has the option to appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). We’re not sure how long that appeal will take to be heard, but we estimate approximately 18 months before it would go before the OMB.


Which Municipal Lawyer Did the Association Hire?

The Association has retained Quinto Annibale from the law firm Loopstra Nixon. Quinto practices municipal, land use planning and development law. He has 26 years’ experience as an advocate, appearing before the Ontario Municipal Board in hundreds of cases.



Total raised 2013-2017: $76,000, 2018: $15,780. See our post about how we use your donations for more information. Detailed financials will be presented at our upcoming event, March 22, 2018.


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